Acupuncture & Natural Healing

About Me


June is a natural healer because she has been influenced by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) starting at a young age. She went to school for Chinese Medicine in Chicago, IL and is now a licensed practitioner. Being able to understand Chinese plays a crucial role to help her to gain a better understanding of TCM continuously. She strives to treat the root causes of diseases by understanding how they affect the organs and corrects the problem by balancing the yin and yang to achieve harmony.

Growing up, every time when she has had a fever of a cough and sore throat, her mother would do acupuncture on her and make herbal decoctions for her to drink. The relief was almost instant: the throat stops hurting when swallowing, the nostrils open up, and the temperature drops so it feels good to be active again. It’s miraculous. It’s also the fastest, most cost-effective and natural way of taking care of the problem. 

TCM is a holistic, natural health care system that dates back thousands of years ago and still remains as the main practice of medicine in China today. TCM foundation of health maintenance is based on human beings being an integral part of the universe and thus cannot be separated from its changing nature. Its origin came from Daoist understanding that humans are a part of nature: the body is a microcosm that mirrors the macrocosm of the universe. To superior practitioners of TCM, treating ailments is secondary to preventing ailments. For instance, it's much easier to prevent a heart attack than to deal with the consequences after its occurrence.

Research suggests acupuncture offers a long-term reduction of symptoms and improvement because it does not only reflect changes on a musculoskeletal level, it also improves function directly by linking to autonomic brain regions that control blood vessel diameter and blood flow to the relevant nerve(s). Acupuncture nourishes the body by increasing blood flow to areas that have poor blood circulation and helps tight muscles to relax. Most importantly, Acupuncture reduces inflammation and helps to stimulate the production of endorphin, the hormone that naturally occurs in the body that works as a pain-reliever.